Dec 13, 2009

Malaysian Medical Student in Egypt Syndrome

We all know and are aware of a syndrome called 'Medical Student Syndrome', which is a condition frequently reported in medical students, who perceive themselves or others to be experiencing the symptoms of the disease(s) they are studying.

But I'd like to introduce a new syndrome, which hasn't been discovered yet, called 'Malaysian Medical Student in Egypt Syndrome' (still need to work on the name though.. too long..hehe)

The condition is associated with the enthusiasm to write and talk about religious stuffs excessively while abandoning what they really should have done; writing and talking about their own field of expertise i.e. medical stuffs.

Observations suggest that they do that due to the impression that they are not yet qualified to write about medical stuffs, yet they somehow find themselves eligible to write stuffs that is associated with religion.

Evidence includes blogs, PERUBATAN publications,, Smart Circle syllabus and so on.

I don't deny the fact that everybody is required to do dakwah, even if he knows a sentence of it.. But to do it excessively, abandoning the one thing medical students should do, is just plain weird. Especially when nowadays that there are literally thousands of other blogs talking about religion stuffs written by people who are specialized in that particular field.

I'm not saying that they have to write about advanced stuffs, like the mechanism etc.. But there are much more simpler issues that can be shared with the public, like say, how to reduce the risk of heart attacks, why do we have to exercise regularly, why do we need to eat healthy stuffs and so on.

But who am i to say anything, when they claim that that's their 'niche'



AMIR said...

menarik syndrome nih..kat egypt je jadi nih..
syndrome baik mcm nih boleh diteruskan,tetapi tetap mcm abg effy tulis jgn excessive sangat,be 'wasatiah'@moderate that's better.

dan jgn lupa juga specialist kita apa.
Jika diizinkan Allah,dpt jd mcm Syeikh Yousri.Alhamdulillah.Pakar bedah dan alim hadis.amiin..

cairo boy said...

i do agree with u!

HafizAdam said...

haha xde mende yg berdakwah kot~ =P
gosip banyak. jom submit~

Muhammad Warouq bin Qamar said...

haa..ade banyak lg sebenarnye manifestations utk syndrom 'perangai budak medic malaysia di mesir ni'. bole di elaboratekan lagi ni. hehe. aku idea bnyak je.

El Camino Elegido said...

Agree with ur point here. The thing is, this syndrome does not only happens in Egypt. It has gone widespread to other meddies in other countries, believe me.Be it UK, Eire, Australia etc..

I've just been thinking about this issue lately. Good on you to have your idea written down here.

A reminder to me as well..

~from where koala resides~