Oct 19, 2010

The hardest word: Thanks!


Everybody has at least one thing that they are very good at.. Some are good at cooking, baking, designing, sports, speaking, sewing, etc.. And remember, with great 'power' comes great responsibility.

When God gave me the basic knowledge to use, say, Adobe Photoshop, i know it's God's way of telling me to help others designing stuffs.. Otherwise it would be a vain gift.

That's why i don't mind helping people with some designing work. For free, yeah.

But i do have some rules.

The first one is simple. Appreciation. A simple 'thank you' would be enough. Not that i crave thanks. I know that the praised ones in the Quran are the ones who say, "We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks." (Al-Insan: 9)

But what i'm afraid of is my fellow Muslim friends who lack common sense & basic courtesy. Friends who don't even acknowledge hours of work with a simple call or sms or Facebook wallpost (F.O.C). I mean, what if they become a really successful someday and deal with various people from around the world. I would hate it very much that people like this carry the name Islam with them.

Probably because of the way i was brought up. My parents are very strict about that.. Also my grand-dad, who ALWAYS knows what to say when we give something to him, even if it's SO obvious that he made it up. Tapi takpelah kan. Asalkan hati orang yang bagi tu rasa sejuuuk je.

Like for example when we brought him a roti jala with chicken curry.. He'd say, "Oh terima kasih banyak2.. Atok baru je teringin nak makan roti jala malam tadi, tengok2 je korang dah bawakkan." Funny right? But i LOVE the fact that he is showing his appreciation, even to his grandchildren, who is by definition, is obligated to do stuffs like that.


The second thing, i would REALLY HATE it when i'm done with the work [hours of work, to be exact], that person suddenly decided not to use it, for whatever reason. Masa nak mintak tolong, macam nak mati paksa. Last2 tak jadi guna. Can u imagine?

That would reaaaaally set me off. No next time, for sure. Sounds ridiculous, but it really happened to me, SEVERAL TIMES!


The third one is the common courtesy to return the favor next time. Well it's not uncommon to find people who asked u for a favor, then when it's time we wanted help, macam2 alasan dia bagi tanak tolong. Even if the favor isn't comparable at all. Waaaayy too easy compared to what i did.

I mean, come onn.. Most of my friends aren't dumb people. Most are med students with high IQ. Why the lack of common sense?

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