Jan 5, 2009


After being almost 3 years in Egypt, Allah has - alhamdulillah - shown me many things that i may not see in other places.. and one of the things that impressed me the most is how i met some people whose nature is to help people.. not once, not twice, but more than one occasions..

They helped when being asked without hesitating.. without making long faces.. without further ado.. and most importantly, without even asking anything in return..

I personally think, that those people are meant to be doctors, whose job is -of course- to help people.. And they'll definitely make a hell of a go0d doctor.. Unlike other people, including me of course, they do help people.. sometimes.. But maybe hesitating at first.. or asking something in return (has prawn under the rock - ada udang di sebalik batu..haha) or making long faces along the way.. But these helpful people i mentioned b4, they don't..

And now, may i present to u the people that i think are being helpful enough to get this kind of appreciation.. (pls note that i'm doing this not to kiss their asses, nor to ask something in return.. but this comes from the bottom of my heart.. as a token of appreciation..)

Abg Iqbal Munawwir.. daripada pasangkan lampu, langsir, sampailah kerja jahit menjahit,semua aku mntk tlg dia.. dah brape kali dah janji nak blanje..tp smpai skarang asyik lupe je..sori abg iqbal~ huhu

Safrin a.k.a. Harun.. My classmate in Al-Azhar.. The person i cling to the most.. How do i ever survive without u.. huhu.. (^_~)

Hanifah Jusoh.. He was the 1st person welcoming me at Cairo Airport when I 1st arrived here, back in 2005.. We do most of the things together.. Some people even called us twins in the old days.. hehe..

Abg Poknik.. Yg ini plg aku kagum.. He helps people as he's about to get paid.. only he's not.. No hesitation at all.. dh nk abes thn 6 dah..sedih~

Abg Hamdan Saparwan.. byk sgt tlg aku smpai aku dah x ingat dah ape bende..huhu
(sori abg mede, this is the best pict of u that i could get..)

Terbaru, Amirul Amir.. Cairo Univ.. very nice guy.. helped me finding my Honda CBR250 (which I'm about to pick up today..hehe) Whenever i asked him to help me with something, his answers are always, "Boley, boley..(dengan nada riang)"



Jackster® said...

gmbar ana x smpat nk masuk ek (maen2) hehe slamat menulis, chit chat post pn stil nmpk bermanfaat (lame x jmpe poknik, die yg tlg ana time ana kne diarrhea n vomit mase mule2 smpai arma dlu huhu)

rem said...

maka honda CBR itu yang dipilih~hahaha tahniah!