Sep 25, 2009

Story of a So-Called Ulamak & a Stewardess

Pada suatu hari,seorang ulama menaiki kapal terbang kerana urusan kerjanya. Setibanya waktu solat,Dia pun masuk ke dalam tandas untuk mengambil wuduk.Tetapi tandas itu terlalu kecil, jadi dia terpaksa membuka pintu tandas tersebut, tetapi diperasan oleh seorang pramugari.

Pramugari: Pak cik tak boleh buat begitu kerana nanti sinki kotor.

Ulamak : Berapa kali saudari mencuci muka sehari?

Pramugari: Biasanya dua atau tiga kali sehari.

Ulamak : Saya mencuci kaki saya lima kali sehari.Ini bermakna kaki saya lebih bersih daripada muka saudari.


Have you ever heard or read about this story? I'm sure most of u have, as it is posted in many blogs as well as forums... Most of the readers are amused with this story and think that the so-called ulamak is being right for saying so..

But many of them failed to realize these facts:

Fact #1:

Human's feet, even when washed tens of times, are still less hygienic than their faces.. It's because there are still more bacterias and fungi which can be found there (which cannot be easily removed by merely washing your feet) compared to those in human's faces..

One of the famous one is called Athlete's foot (tinea pedis) which is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling, flaking, and itching of affected areas. It is typically transmitted in moist areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses. Although the condition typically affects the feet, it can spread to other areas of the body, including the groin.

So, washing one's foot inside the wash basin is totally unhygienic, because Athlete's Foot is a communicable disease, which can affect the next person using the very same wash basin.. I'm sure Islam doesn't encourage that now, does it?

Athlete's foot affecting areas between toes

Fact #2

Islam prohibits its followers to break any rules, regulations and laws, even the simple ones.. And this includes washing feet in wash basin when clearly stated so (by the stewardess, in this case)..

Fact #3

Islam does not allow it's followers, no matter how pious they are, to belittle other people in any way possible, even when he/she is only a steward/stewardess (who is always seen as having 'less' religious beliefs..)

The so-called ulamak's behaviour when stating that his feet are more hygienic than her face is definitely an offensive statement, which Islam could not tolerate..

Remember what the Quran says in surah Taha verse 44 when Allah asks Moses to go to Firaun asking him to believe in God with the most welcoming behavior possible.. Not in an offensive way.. But one thing to remember is that, Firaun is the meanest person at that time.. But still, God does not allow Moses to be rude and offensive to him..

Now if that's the behavior one is supposed to behave with to Firaun, can you imagine what are the manners we're supposed to show when interacting with an ordinary stewardess during dakwah?


Itminaan90 said...

First time i read this kind of point of view..

farah nur said...

same here. definitely changed my perspective in looking at simple things such as rules and regulations. thanks. =)

sof_16 said...

nice point of view..

whiteraven68 said...

Salam, boleh saya copy artikel ini untuk group discussion dalam fs?
Memandangkan akhi ada tulis:

"Mana-mana artikel di dalam blog ini boleh disebarkan dalam apa jua bentuk tanpa terlebih dahulu mendapat keizinan daripada penulis untuk tujuan dakwah"

Chan said...

the story is a classic! often bump into that in blogs.

yep, it makes sense too. anyway, the 'ulamak' in the story have already shown immoral acts in the first part of the story.

noor ANIAH azmi said...

nice one!

terracotta.dreams said...

I like the way you think. You are not afraid to go against convention - and that's good.

But if I may highlight some things:-

(1) "Islam prohibits it's followers to..."

It should be "its" here (and a couple of other places as well), not "it's" (which is the shortened for for "it is", but I'm sure you already know that :-)

(2) "The so-called ulamak's behaviour when stating that his feet is more hygienic.."

It should be "his feet are", and not "his feet is".

Hope you don't mind me being the grammar police here. Maybe you can go through the post again and clean up where you can.

You have such good ideas to put forth, it's a shame to have niggling little things like grammar spoil it.. :-)

Effy Saiful said...

omg, this is so embarrassing.. thank you for pointing that out for me.. (^_~) changes have been made..

El Camino Elegido said...

I read this post with a 'smile'. That's what I first hear from seniors when I asked how can I make ablution here, in Australia.

At that time(during my 1st yr), I was thinking, Should I be proud of that kind of statement? bcoz the one who told me this story said that, that's what some of them did here(i mean the act + conversation).

Bukankah Islam tu agama yang mudah utk semua? Takut kalau2 kita Muslim menjadi Fitnah kpd Islam..NA'uzubillah..

nur_anees said...

well, we might hv high expectation to that man becoz he's an ulamak..

but still, that ulamak is still a human who cant avoid himself to make mistakes. just like u n me n the readers.

Moses is the prophet. he learnt directly from the God. Of course we cant make that ulamak equivalent to Moses...
morale here is try avoiding ourselves from being too outspoken..?
but, nice post act..wallahu'alam

Effy Saiful said...

who do u mean when u said 'being outspoken'? me or the ulamak?

it's not 'making mistake' per se that bothers me the most.. It's 'making mistake but think that he's right when he's clearly wrong' that bothers me..

just becoz he's an ulamak, doesn't make him infallible, does it?