Jan 11, 2010

Working out

Since i was a little boy, i have this weight problem.. Unlike my little bro, i wasn't dealing with childhood obesity, but rather with malnutrition and muscle wasting (i.e thin.. i was exaggerating) I was so thin; the only doa i asked from my parents when they went performing Hajj in 2000 was for me to gain some weight.. (i know, weird right?)

But only in late 2006 was when i started to gain some weight. But now a new problem arises; i'm used to eating almost everything i desire without having to worry about gaining weight. So not til the end of 2009 when i started to realize that i'm developing gynecomastia!

I had to do something.. So i started to search some workout tips from magazines and friends.. Here's what i got so far; feel like sharing it with you guys..

  • Exercise at least 20 minutes per day, 4 times a week.
  • An intense workout session is better than several non-intense sessions. In other words, make your workout session like a living hell, not a honeymoon!
  • There are two types of muscles in our body; red muscles, which are concerned with strength. This type of muscle is strong and powerful, but get easily fatigued. So train these muscles with weight lifting. And another one is white muscles, which are concerned with endurance & stamina. This type of muscle is not so powerful, but can work for a relatively longer duration. So train these muscles with cardio exercise.
  • If u are aiming to gain muscles, make sure u lift enough weight.. Enough weight is when u can only do it for 4-5 repetitions.. If u can do up to 10 repetitions in one set, that indicates that u need to increase the weight because it won't gain muscle any more than it already did.
  • This one's new: Weight lifting burns more calories than cardio exercise. The people who came up with this fact also said that cardio exercise is not even good for your joints. But the technique depends on ur target. If u just wanna train ur stamina, just lift a medium weight with high repetitions..
  • Working out only contributes about 30% of losing weight. The rest is of course, depending on your diet. The best diet advice is to eat frequently but in small quantities. Instead of eating 3 large meals, distribute them to 5 or 6 small meals. Click here to know why.


zamzila said...

good tips.i lost 10 kg in 5 mnths...another 5-7 kg more.. take less carbo...

diyanazafirah said...

i like reading your blog. (: im from brunei btw.