Apr 1, 2010

April Fool 2010

How fast time flies.. I feel like just yesterday i was writing this article on April Fool. Now here it is again; 1st April.

Psychologists say that the older you get, the faster time will be for you. So i guess i'm just getting old now ;p

This time i wanna reveal something to you guys; to show you how stupid and untrue some e-mails could be. And what's more sad is that, those e-mails are sent and distributed by muslims among muslims! Take a look at this:

Sebuah bar akan dibuka di New York (Apple Bar) berbentuk seperti Kaabah! Ini merupakan satu penghinaan terhadap umat Islam!!

The e-mail claims that this bar simulates Kaabah in Masjidil Haram, thus it is somehow offensive to Muslims! But do you really know what it is? It's not a bar or a pub whatsoever.. It's actually an Apple Store! (Ever heard of Macintosh? iPhone? iPad? iPod?) Well, they are sold here underneath this Kaabah-like structure.

Well, it does not always look like this. It's actually made of glass. But during its building process, as a suprise element, they put this black canvas on top of it. Most of the time it looks like this:

See how we are April-fooled by our own brothers in Islam? Check Apple Official Website if you don't believe me.

Seriously, i do not understand what was the intention of the person who wrote this. Even if it was to make us hate the so-called 'musuh Islam', do you think subconsciously that it's right to do this?


joegrimjow said...

just fooling themselves!

yusuf mujahidin ™ said...

sj nk bangkitkn kebencian dn dlm ms sama tnjukkn kebodohn sendiri.

bello said...

salam dear author,

saya minta izin untuk copy article ni boleh?

minta bagi tahu yer if ta boleh..maaflah..

terima kasih..