Sep 14, 2010

Pemikiran kanak2 VS orang2 dewasa

Come to think of it, sometimes there's isn't that much of a difference between a child's mind and an adult's.

Once during a family gathering, i have this 3-year-old nephew who just got out from the bathroom and walked around naked. We were like, "Eeee tak maluuuu.. Nampak dia punye laa." And he went, "Yang awak pergi tengok tu sape suroohh!"

It pretty much reminds me of some grown ups who wear revealing & inappropriate clothing, and when advised not to, they'll be like, "Yang pak aji gatal sangat pegi tengok tu kenape? Sukati saya la nak pakai apa!"

See the similarity there? No?

Speaking of proper clothing, most people feel like they have to dress appropriately according to syariah in order to get more 'religious' or to show that they are. But how about the other way around. What if proper clothing is seen as the reflection of what you have inside, not to get what's inside?

That way, there will be no such thing as, "Pakai tudung ke, tak pakai,yang penting hati baik," or "Minah tu semua pakai tudung, tapi perangai macam setan!"


I always tell my younger brother (well, not so young anymore..He's 18 now) who have some kind of anger management issue, to be more like water instead of gasoline, because water, as we know, will remain unaffected by fire or sparks, compared to gasoline.

But he went like, "Kau tu jangan jadi api langsung boleh tak?!"

Well, there are two things in this world; things that are within our control and things that are not.

If i were to be more like my brother, that means i can only change what's within my control. And there's only so much that i can actually control. What about the things that i can't?

You can't possibly ask EVERTHING not to be 'the fire', and even if you could, there's still a chance that they won't listen. Also don't forget that there are inevitables in life, like failures, losses, backbiters, natural disasters etc.. And they WILL affect your mood in one way or another. How are u gonna deal with these stuffs by insisting on being the 'gasoline'? You'll definitely get burnt!

So the best thing to do isn't asking them NOT to come at you (because it's impossible!), but rather to get a good grasp of your own emotion and control your action in response to those inevitables. In my words, "Be like water, not gasoline." Versus if we place our focus on things that aren't within our control we become reactive to situations and feel more burdened.

That is the difference between (according to Stephen Covey) proactive & reactive people.

"Tapi air kalau kena bakar pun lama2 kering?" my brother argued.

How old are you? Six?? Duhh!~

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