Mar 17, 2011

The Japanese & Egyptians

Our ethical threshold has become very low lately. We are so proud of the revolution done by the Egyptians that we try to overlook the fact that there were numbers of crimes committed during the period that interfered with the moral integrity of the revolution itself.

There were lootings, robberies, even sexual assaults.

They were inevitable collateral damages, u say. Well brother, we can see now that the Japanese have recently proven you wrong.

Some might justify their cheatings, reckless littering, and unpunctuality done over the years, just because they succeeded in their revolution. As if it redeems all the wrong acts they have been doing.

They even challenge those who condemned the Egyptians for their laziness and sloppiness to try to initiate a revolution of their own.

The Egyptians' strong will and determination are nevertheless worthy of praise, i admit. Not any nation in the world can stand up to their dictators like they did, as one single entity. But it would be unwise to say that there's no room for improvements.

We, the best 'ummah' as described in the Quran, only want to settle for the consolation price. We feel that it's enough that a certain level of success is achieved, but we do not aim for the best.

The Japanese have endured more than that, and they have proven to the world that nothing can come between them and their ethics. Not even the Tsunami.

But here we are, getting all proud for no reasons, when we Muslims, by default, are supposed to behave better. Waay better than those who don't have Islam as a way of life.

How humiliating.

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