Aug 24, 2011

Competition in Islam

Life isn't always about competition.

Being a winner simply means making somebody lose. Our Prophet p.b.u.h has never condoned any unhealthy competitions, but instead promotes his companions to try to have a win-win situation.

That's why in Islam the only valid competition is the one with oneself, in the sense that a Muslim should be better than he was yesterday.

A sensible Muslim will never ask Allah to make him 'the best', but to make him 'among the best', so that indirectly he wishes his society to achieve greatness along with him.

What could be better than to be successful AND be surrounded by successful people that have the same goal; which is to serve the ummah and gain Allah's affection.

This concept is subliminally shown by the architectural design of the holy kaabah that has four parallel corners that point upwards; which symbolizes togetherness in order to achieve triumph in this worldly life and hereafter.

Contrary to the pyramids which pretty much highlight victory by stepping on others in order to be on top.

Selfishness is not an option here. Remember, when you help others, Allah will help you. And when Allah helps you, nobody can ever bring you down.


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