Sep 21, 2011

Late Bloomers

Some people are like weed, which grows fast the moment it's planted. But others are like bamboo tree, which shows no growth for a year but then grows 30 meters in the next 3 months.

Not everybody can reach their 'prime' early in their life. Some are late bloomers. But when they bloom, they could be better and stronger than the early bloomers. And they are the ones who will remain blooming when others have already fallen down to the ground.

Even bacteria and viruses have their own 'incubation period', which differs from one to another.

It's not important where you are today. The most important thing is where you will reach tomorrow. And in order to unleash your inner strength, you just have to make full use of the potential implanted in us by God.

Don't let your current position deceive you into getting comfortable and settling down. After all, after a game of chess, the king and the soldiers go into the same box.


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