Nov 24, 2011

Winning hearts or arguments?

Sometimes as we grow older, we realize that not everything has to be debatable

When we were young and eager to talk, we wanted to debate about everything. We thought we knew everything, and wanted the whole world to know that we did. Bad words were exchanged and feelings were hurt.

What we didn't realize is that wisdom actually makes somebody more calm, humble, unemotional and rational.

A wise person will know that winning hearts is more important than winning arguments.

A smart person will know that even though he/she is a good debater, but he/she is a much better son/daughter/husband/wife/friend.

There will be a time when we will look back at our previous arguments and say, "Oh my, why did i say that? Couldn't i just let it go?"

So, before we talk, think. Before we judge, understand. Before we hurt someone, feel.

There's no ctrl+z in life. Once you say something, it'll be out there forever. So, speak wisely :)

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