Apr 2, 2008

Doctor = helping others..

Everybody must have something that they're very go0d at.. Some are very go0d in cooking, studying, memorizing, playing games, designing, drawing, swimming, public speaking, martial arts, singing ect.. And some are multi-talented; very go0d in whatever field they are at..

These are of course talents that are given by Allah that should not be taken for granted.. Some might say, with great power, comes great responsibility.. Same story, the talents that are given to us are not for us to show off or to keep them to ourselves.. But come with them responsibilities.. Responsibilities to share the benefits of our talents with others, in order to make the ummah perfect..

That's why prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. said in a hadith narrated by Abu Musa: "A faithful believer to another faithful believer is like a building whose different parts strengthen each other."

In other words, one should not hesitate to help other person who is in need in every circumstances.. Especially medical students / doctors, whose job is to help people all the time..

Surprisingly, being a doctor is not all about being intelligent and having natural aptitude and skills.. but it needs a strong willingness to help others and fulfill their needs, even though sometimes it means that we have to put aside our own needs..

So, it's obviously illogical that if a medical student is to be asked a favor, then he/she refuses saying that he/she has to study all day in order to ace all his/her exams.. Because again, being a medical doctor is not about acing your exams, but rather is about your willingness to help other people in need..


nurhidayah said...

salam.."Surprisingly, being a doctor is not about being intelligence and having natural aptitude and skills.. but it's simply about the willingness to help others and fulfulling needs of others, eventhough sometimes it means that we have to put aside our own needs.."
what you mentioned above is very true indeed. very2 true..i am a ex-med student. completed my 5 years MBBS and will work as an intern/house officer in any local government hospital. alhamdulillah..mudah2an lebih dan lebih ramai lagi professional yg celik Islam di Malaysia =)
"sometimes we assist cure, often we comfort but at all times we care"

Dr Nur Hidayah
IMU (international medical university, KL)

nurhidayah said...

perubatan dalam Islam..any suggested blog or anything? sy cuti 3 bulan sblm keje..boring la pulak =)

Effy Saiful said...

thanks 4 leaving some comments..saya doakan dr dipermudahkan dlm proses berkerja nnti..doakan kami yg still medical students lg ni =)

perubatan dalam islam..blog x tahu la plak..tp ada satu buku karangan dr danial zainal abidin bertajuk "Perubatan Islam dan Bukti Sains Moden" terbitan PTS..boleh cari kat kedai2 buku..

ada email atau YM ID? manelah tahu nak kontek tnye pasal keadaan bekerja kat msia =)

nurhidayah said...

salam..oo buku ye? ok2..akan dicari dikedai2 buku berhampiran..a hunt will begin =P syukron for the info..

YM id: angelprinzejr
MSN: angelprinzejr@hotmail.com

rajinnye buat n update blog..i am so IT illiterate..buta IT nih..