Jun 30, 2009

Find-my-iPhone software?

When i first heard that Apple is releasing a new software for iPhone for the 3.0 firmware during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last June; called 'Find My iPhone', i thought, "Come onn! This software is a joke!! Who would wanna return a lost iPhone to its owner? This is a waste of time."

Then it struk me.. "The joke is actually on you. We people are honest & ethical enough to return lost possessions to its owner compared to you Muslims."

It's logical enough for us, Malaysians, to think that when something valuable is lost, we might not be able to find it back, ever, as somebody who found it earlier might keep it. My friend once told me that he had once lost his phone somewhere in Alor Star.. When he went back to the place where he thought he dropped it and asked a security guard there, he replied, ''Kalau jatuh, habih la adik oi'..." Sooo typical of Malaysian, right? Like they don't even care.

My other friend, on the other hand, told me another story about his friend who lost an iPhone on a train in the UK.. When he reported it to a police there, he made full effort by tracking down the train and trying to find his iPhone.. Two months after, the police returned the lost iPhone back to my friend's friend. Well, hello! The police could have kept the iPhone to himself without having to give it back to its owner, right? But he did.

That's why we don't see a lot of lost-and-found sections around Malaysia, or any other Islamic countries, when they are abundant in countries like UK & US.. Those people, who aren't even muslim, have enough courtesy to return things that aren't theirs..

But Muslims, not only they don't return things, they even trick us into giving our possessions to them, like some cases which happened to me & my friend, Apez (bukan nama sebenar), a year ago when we met an Egyptian trying to make 'nice' conversation with us and somehow was able to put his hands on our money before that money magically turned into pieces of papers when we returned home.. and owh, it happened in two separate cases, only mine didn't turn into papers, they just disappeared..

So these experiences made me think.. Why do ethics affect people more than Islamic akhlak?


Hafiz Ab Gani said...

cmne tu fi nk wat??? hihi... tp ak totally stuju apa yg ko mention tu... malu ja...

falling-evenstar said...

I thought guna GPS...
(melampaw ke berfikiran camni? haha)

yeah, I remember a Reader's Digest article in which Malaysia ranked among the lowest when it comes to ethics and manners...memalukan je

c's said...

drg x desperate~

same goes to beggars..tp pk2 blk.. they r overwhelming circumstances,sumhow, ppl dont even treat dem as a mankind, keep looking dem down~

n one more.. bse dkt ngr2 maju.. their bribes rate almost zero.. they r even being punished for real for their mistakes.. kre undang2 die gerak betul.. [kte nih papan tanda jgn buang sampah, situ la yg plg byk sampah..] cume byk lagi part senget drg ade.. yg tgh developing kat kite~

so, kte muhasabah la kot~ mgkn bleh usha blog u.syed kot, cte robber peluk islam tyme die tgh merompak.. http://aljoofre.iluvislam.com/?p=101