Jun 5, 2009

Moderate or balanced?

Is it true that Islam encourages its followers to be moderate? Is it true that Muslims are better off living a moderate life than a wealthy life?

It's a huge misunderstanding to be translating 'al-wasatiyah' into 'moderate', when its true meaning is actually 'balanced'.. What are the differences?

If we translate al-wasatiyah into 'moderate', it simply means Muslims musn't be rich, professional, specialist etc.. If one works as a doctor, he/she should be an ordinary doctor who works in the office hours and comes back home every day.. If one works as a businessman, he/she should be an ordinary businessman who owns a small company.. If one works as a scientist, he/she should be an ordinary scientist who doesn't win any Nobel price.. Because according to them, that's what moderate means, right?

But if we translate al-wasatiyah into 'balanced' instead, we can have the bestest doctor the world have ever seen, but at the same time doesn't forget his responsibility towards the community & God.. We can have a multi-billionaire businessman who donates loads of money to charity.. We can have a Nobel-winning scientist who still prays 5 times a day..

The wrong perception regarding this concept makes Muslims nowadays a backward nation.. They don't try their very best because they think the worldly life is worthless.. They don't spend the day and night doing research because they want to practice being 'moderate'.. They don't work hard because they think being rich is 'prohibited' in Islam..

Islam allows you to spend most of your energy being good in your career.. As long as you put the same extent of effort doing religious works and responsibilities to God..

I have an uncle, who is a successful businessman and worth millions of ringgit.. But that doesn't prevent him from being consistent doing qiamullail during the last 10 nights of Ramadhan in the neighborhood surau..

I know lotsa people in my neighborhood who own huge bungalows and expensive cars but still go to the mosque to pray, and stay after the congregational prayers to recite the Quran almost every day..

Now that's al-wasatiyah (^_~)


c's said...

the entry smack me down

"cakap je malas, putar belit ayat islamic.. nak kaver malas sendiri, hade~"

btw, it's how we put things in its position kan? its Haq

n we dun need to add equal quantity of salts, sugar n lime to get delicious cuisine.. mungkin garam akan lagi sikit, masam lebih sikit, it depends on our creativity, janji sedap.. kan? same goes to our life.. huhu..

misa'e said...

huu bagus kak Raden ngn abg Effy kite nih


sebut btol2 ye, wasatiyah, bukan wasotiyah..nanti ustazah marah

nakula sadewa said...

hidup ust fawwaz!! a.k.a. uncle wat

Effy Saiful said...

ye laa..korg kelas wasatiyah ust fwz..kite ni manelah layak nk ckp psl wasatiyah~ huhu

neesa_jun said...

=) good point

joegrimjow said...