Jun 13, 2009

Women: Lousy Drivers~

A car in front of me braked all of the sudden as i ride my bike on my way to my class... without warning and with lots of room in front of it.. "Owh,darn it! Are you crazy or what?" i said.. so as i took over that car, i took a peek at the driver.. "Oh,as i thought.. A woman driver."

Not to sound sexist or anything.. but according to my experience, 99.5% of lousy drivers are women! or to put it in an easier way, out of 100 drivers that caused trouble on the road, 99 of them were identified to be women and one more is either a drag queen or a really really old man that doesn't even have the energy to press the gas pedal hard enough~ [no.. i was exaggerating..there's no drag queen here..hehe]

Turning left or right without giving signals, braking all of the sudden when the car in front of it is still 5 meters ahead, still stopping when other cars have started moving for like, 10 secs or so.. Mostly women!

I've even once seen a woman trying to turn right but ending up on the road divider bcoz she pulled the steering too early..LOL

I'm not saying that most women are lousy drivers..but lousy drivers are mostly women~ There's a HUGE difference =p

My mom; being a woman, used to drive a 4WD manual-transmission Pajero.. n alhamduluillah, she hasn't been in any accidents so far.. But my sis already bumped my dad's Nissan X-Trail to our house [thank God it didn't collapse] which cost my dad almost rm5k to repair the damage..

One of my friends called a chauvinist for writing this article.. But later on agrees with me on this~ hehe (^_^)

Don't get mad ok my fellow girl friends.. I'm not generalizing.. This is merely my humble observation ;) Cheers~


Ami Farhani MNA said...

saya sangatlah tak suka memandu..
antara sebabnya dah boleh bayang yang saya akan jadi salah seorang dari 'lousy drivers' ni..huh~

misa'e said...



[naseb baek sy xd lesen...hmm..]

c's said...

almost the lousy drivers r women but it definitely not me.. hehe

except.. once, nearly crashed.. dgn motor.. [alo, dah bagi signal belok kanan nak msk parking, bleh plak die redah laju kat belah kanan org nak msk tuh.. dah la bawak mak n my pregnant sis] *menggeleng*