Jun 16, 2009

Plat number VS BMW X6

I just got back from Microb oral exam when i spotted a BMW X6 on the Cairo road.. Anybody who is able to put themselves in that cockpit must be a millionaire, given that the price of this car in Malaysia is about RM 700k (equals to LE 1 million!!)


But when i glanced at the plat number, i realized that it's the same with a ten-thousand-egyptian-pound car's plat number (-_-) The ugly-looking plat number mismatches the one-million egyptian pound car~

It's actually understandable in Egypt for a person who is, for the 1st time, registering their car or bike to be receiving a used plat number.. My bike's plat number, which i waited for for about 2 weeks to get, turned out to be THE ugliest thing i've ever seen in my life! See if i'm kidding:-


But i started to realize that this is merely a 'culture' (translated 'budaya') that we have to accept and respect as 'perbezaan budaya'.. Tak boleh kutuk2.. [ingat org Malaysia bagus sangat ke?] Same goes to 'The Great Wall of Urine' that can be found here in Cairo.. That's just... 'Budaya'. Kena hormat.. Jangan kutuk. Ok~


topect said...

plat tak menggambarkan apa2x bg mat rempit fi..yg penting laju.

di mesir...yg penting kereta tahan jika dilaga2xkan.hehe.biar buruk plat asalkan 'kebal'.

Hafiz Ab Gani said...

wah!!! meletoooooppppp!!!! ak pon br nmpk X6 satu kt Kota Kinabalu ari tu... feveret ak gak ni... ko tgu la ko nnt kalo ak dh kaye... siap ko... hahaha....

misa'e said...

oo..aah..perbezaan budaya..



xnk cakap byk2..('~')/

nakula sadewa said...

kalau dikatakan BMW itu sebagai lambang ketidakadilan sosial bagaimana?