Sep 16, 2009

100th post celebration ^_^

How time flies~ This is actually my 100th post in this blog..
(Technically, there's more.. But i enjoy deleting posts that i think aren't suitable.. or 'poyo'..hehe)

Just so u know, i've been writing since 15th April 2007..
It's been what.. 2 and a half years now?

It's all started with my comparative-religion blog..
(which can still be accessed here)

Then after several months, i made a tazkirah-based blog called E-zikra.. From which this blog continues.. And from which i got the idea to write my book 'Himpunan 25 Tazkirah' which was published by PERUBATAN in 2007

Then i made a new blog to put some Arabic calligraphy arts early in February 2008..

But in May 2009, i decided not to restrict my writings according to the theme (Comparative religion, Tazkirah, Khat etc).. I just wanna write freely, like others do.. So i combined my E-Zikra with my Arabic Calligraphy blogs..

The 1st theme after i combined the blogs was Euphoria.. But then i changed it to Paradigm Shift, because most of my posts don't reflect to the word 'Euphoria' which literally means extreme happiness.. ^_^


The highest daily unique visitors of this blog is 267 hits

The highest weekly unique visitors of this blog is 840 hits

The highest monthly unique visitors of this blog is 2654 hits, which was in June 2009

And of course it was during the exam period, when my hormone for writing (if there's any) was raging! hehehe

I know it's not as much as Saifulislam's blog, or RamisahAini's blog, or Warouq's blog..
But i'm thankful enough to be given this golden opportunity

Thank u God n thank u all for supporting this blog..


Akmal Rahman said...

Salam Ramadhan..
Mabruk saya ucapkan atas bakat yang diberi.
dalam sibuk2 study, sempat lagi buat kajian pasal perbandingan agama.
Blog nie pun memang mantap, dengan pengisian yang pelbagai.
semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang sebaiknya agar dapat terus menyumbang kepada masyarakat khususnya buat agama Islam tercinta.

Effy Saiful said...

Time kaseh time kaseh =)

RaMMu ^_^ said...

"(Technically, there's more.. But i enjoy deleting posts that i think aren't suitable.. or 'poyo'..hehe)"

hoh tu la..baru ingat nak kutok..haha

RaMMu ^_^ said...
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