Aug 29, 2009

Interview on marriage

An interview on marriage.. Kids, they say the darnedest thing! (^_^)

p/s: It's a compilation of clips from the series 'Til Death

Have a good laugh =)



Jackster® said...

"I like this boy Kevin, and he likes me back, I don't know why" haha kids~

RaMMu ^_^ said...

ala..da besar nanti matured la deme ni

Effy Saiful said... fav part is:

i wanna have kids.. lots and lots of kids.. and i dont need a husband to help me do that..


noor ANIAH azmi said...

erm, macam mane blh dpt tahu pasal cerita til death ni. mcm tak pernah dengar pun. :P

Effy Saiful said...

haiyaa..nak jgk tuu..yela2,kak niah yg suggest =p hehe

Qubezo said...

I like this girl Sarah but my mum said I can't marry her coz she's my cousin LMAO.