Nov 14, 2009

Election Fever

تكليف غير تشريف
"Taklif, ghairu tasyrif"

That's what people always said after getting elected for any post/position, meaning, "It's a responsibility, not an honor".. But some of them somehow just say that out loud to show people that they are not honored by the post/position, but rather feel anxious about the responsibilities that they have to fulfill.. But later on, their actions differ from what they have said.. They tend to feel superior to other people under them.. They brag on how they have successfully taken care of others' welfare.. They act all holier-than-thou when being among others..


سيد القوم خادمهم
"Sayyidul Qaumi Khadimuhum"

One thing that we have to realize is that the head of a nation is actually their servant.. They are given full trust to get elected not to be worshiped, but to serve.. We don't want to be like pagans that 'make' their own god then worship them.. And it's wrong for leaders to expect that from their followers.. Not to say that we have to treat them like dirt, but good leaders must at least have good sense of humility and effacement if they realize this fact..


اجعلني على خزائن الأرض

Some people are too excited and/or confident to hold a post/position that they actually ask for it.. They say that it's ok to do so, because Prophet Joseph in the Quran did ask to be 'Minister of Finance' in Egypt during his time.. But what they failed to realize is that, in order to ask for responsibilities like Prophet Joseph did, they have to be as eligible as he was..


مسؤل عن رعيته

It's of the utmost importance to remember that every leaders will be held responsible for their leadership.. People who fail to realize this actually fail to be a good leader..


I wish those who will get elected for PERUBATAN committee this year good luck..

May all good deeds be rewarded by Allah


c's said...


my campaign for dis election,

do nominate n vote for ain shamsian n azharian!

plz consider~



Anonymous said...

salam effy,

ko lah pulak jadi exco, nak rasa kepimpinan org hebar mcm ko, heheh, apa2 pun doa kan yg terbaik utk pemilihan exco perubataan tahun ni..Setiap pemimpin ada baik dan buruknya, kelemahan dan kekuatan, sama2 kita perbaiki dan perkuatan kesatuan yg sedia ada