Nov 23, 2009

Good luck

A friend of mine once told me not to use the expression, "Good Luck", for it gives the impression that all he/she needed is a 'good luck' to be good in something that he/she does.. That automatically denies all the hard work he/she has been doing preparing for it..

So i asked, what should i say then?

"All the best."

Although some might say that it's just a figure of speech, it is, on some level, TRUE..

When i was younger, all of my relatives kept saying that I'm 'gifted', because i was kinda good in doing what i did.. Not knowing what it actually means, i was flattered..

Not until my dad told me, that it's not right to say that somebody is gifted, for it gives an illusion that you're good in what you do because you are 'born' to have that particular aptitude, not because u worked hard for it..

Since then, i decided not to wish anybody 'good luck', but instead, 'all the best'



[amiza a.malik] said...

'luck only for loser'

somebody told me that

Tobibah Ainy said...

eh ape pulak..logikla good luck tu..

kalo kita dah usaha tahap dewa pon tapi Allah dah takdirkan tak dapat buat...memg xdapat jugak sumenye bergantung kepada nasib

tapi papepon yg penting usaha la..

oh good luck then (^~^) hahaha

Blangkas Klik said...

Wishlah All The Best & Gud Luck To You...

sof_16 said...


Farid Nazmi said...

Thomas Jefferson once said
I am a stern believer in luck..i found that the harder i work..the more i have of them :)

noor ANIAH azmi said...

eik? hihi... (you know why)

Effy Saiful said...


ok la lps ni kita wish good luck and all the best, ok (^_~)