Nov 29, 2009

I'm 23!

Ever since i was little, i've always wondered.. What exactly is a birthday? Why do people celebrate birthdays by inviting friends over, blowing off candles on birthday cakes, giving presents etc?

I kept asking myself, why the person born on that particular date is the one to be celebrated? Apart from the fact that that person is getting older by time and has relatively less time to live on this earth, i personally think that the person who should be celebrated on birthdays is the person who gave birth to him/her i.e. the mother!

For me, birthdays are the days to appreciate and celebrate the one person who underwent the most painful experience in her life, i.e. giving birth.. That's why i intended to change this illogical tradition by teaching my children to give presents to their mother on their birthdays [even if it means that i have to pay for the presents myself].

But for the sake of all the presents that i'm gonna get for my birthdays in the future, i just hope that my parents won't read this post n then rub it in my face (^_~) hehe


p/s: Thank you for those who wished me happy birthday this year.. It was a memorable one, since it fell on Friday, 10 Zulhijjah (Aidil Adha).. I got to spend my 23rd birthday by takbir raya with a bunch of goats, cows and camels afterward! ;)


Ami Farhani MNA said...
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tubErose said...

salam.selamat hari lahir.
moga panjang umur,,
murah rezeki..

noor ANIAH azmi said...

yeah.. betul2. kak niah terfikir lama dah, actually, the person yang patut dirai is our moms kan, because they suffered the pain. and i always says thanks to my mom for giving birth to me and taking care of me on my birthdays.

tapi, dah parents nak bagi pressies, terima aje la kan? :P