Jan 30, 2010

What could have happened if?

Studying medicine in Al-Azhar University has been my dream since i was in secondary school.. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the hype that was circulating among my teachers there..

It's the sole reason too, why i turned down my JPA offer to do medicine in Indonesia back in 2004, when i was in Darul Quran Jakim..

Sometimes it got me thinking, what if i accepted that offer? Maybe i would have graduated med school and work as a doctor now, instead of being stranded here having 3 more years to graduate.. Maybe my parents wouldn't have to spend so much money supporting my flight ticket back to Malaysia whenever i feel like going back home.

But i chose Al-Azhar instead.

I know that i have to live that choice by hook or by crook. That's why sometimes i feel frustrated and down by some particular things that occur around where i study [you know what i'm talking about] and take it out on Egyptians by blaming & belittling them as a result.

But not until a couple of days ago that i realized the silver lining behind all this..

You see, even though i practically live & study in a dump, i do feel this wonderful feeling whenever i went back to Malaysia during holidays.. I started to appreciate even the smallest thing that happens around here.

For instance, when i ordered some takeouts just now.. I was amazed by how fast they managed to finish cooking 4 different meals.. Waiting for 10 minutes felt like nothing compared to 30 minutes or sometimes almost an hour of waiting in Cafe Malaysia Hall Cairo.

I was psyched receiving 20 cent change after paying for stuffs that cost, say RM9.80 using RM10 note.

I felt satisfied when the cashier in hypermarket like Giant of Carefour did all the work for us, including putting our stuffs into plastic bags.

I started to appreciate the delightful feeling being blown by a light breeze in the evening (which a perfect for a short nap by the way..hehe)

I felt relieved when some cashier said to me that it's ok if i don't have small change, and that i can pay a four-ringgit stuff using a RM100 note.


Those things i mentioned before seem negligible, but deep down in my heart i know that i wont be able to feel that way if i were to study in a waaaaay more developed country, like say, Australia, United Kingdom or United States.

I would look down on my own country and my own people, just because they are not as civilized, or as developed, or as polite as those people there. I would speak and act boastfully. I would belittle the standard of life in Malaysia, even though i was born and raised there for almost 20 years.

So i guess, i have found my silver lining after all these years full of resentments, and sometimes, regret for choosing to study in Cairo in the first place. Alhamdulillah (^_~)


Gold Coast, Australia.. Who wouldn't wanna live here?


Tobibah Ainy said...

isk..tetibe rasa nak menangis baca post ni

baru sedar rupa2nya life kita kat sini sangat susah r compare ngn orang lain..nak2 lg dalam keadaan tinggal di rumah yg dhaif..[ u know why , eheh~ ]

Effy Saiful said...

aah,true.. saya yg duduk arma ni pun terasa,apatah lg rumah cikrem yg dhaif tu..huhu. sabar je la,ada bahagian iAllah

Zulfahmi Haron said...

I totally agree with you, Effy!

yusuf mujahidin ™ said...


terima kasih ats entry..

sgguh menyedarkn..


Anonymous said...

4 years full of resentment tuu x tahan tu!! cam exagerate je..hehe tengok cam enjoy je dok mesir

AnjeRuby a.k.a Kak Abell said...

erm....berrsedia utk merasai pengalaman di negara lain...insyAllah, di alam kerjaya nnt

Effy Saiful said...

Exaggerate sket ;p mestilah ada kenangan manis n kenangat pahit..cuma mana lg byk mana lg sikit ajela.hehe