Feb 4, 2010

Habby holiday

Before u ask,no..it's not a typo. I'm jz mocking some Egyptians who are unable to pronounce the letter P properly ;p

As i write this post, i'm actually in a line at Hong Kong's immigration. Alhamdllh this time my family n i are going on a vacation to Hong Kong, to see where i actually come from.

Yes,i'm half Chinese. My dad is a malay and my mom is of Chinese descendant.. So technically i'm mixed! And you know what they say about people who have mixed blood (hint: good looking) haha

anyway wishing u guys a happy holiday, and i hope i hv a blast one too.

Till next time.bye


Tobibah Ainy said...

1. Haha mixed ke?

tapi ... apesal mata tak sepet?

2. "And you know what they say about people who have mixed blood (hint: good looking) "

Haha part ini memang tak boley belah! Masuk bakul angkat sendiri dowh! :p

3.Wow! sampai ke Hong Kong rupanya anda ? heaven gila balik Malaysia ~ habby2

Helang terbang tinggi said...

haha..i'm mixed too..half chinese and half malay..but i don't think i'm a good looking person..hehe..well my friend from cairo recommends me your blog..well, happy holiday..(^_^)

Effy Saiful said...

Ramisah aini: itulah..abestu sejak kecik dh makan belacan, so dh habis hilang semua epichantus tu..huhu

haha,tu sy gurau2 aje la.. ;p

thank u..tomorrow will depart back to msia..doakan slmt smpai =)

Effy Saiful said...

Helang terbang tinggi: hehe,saya memain aje pasal good looking tu.. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog ;)