Feb 8, 2010

Last Day in Hong Kong

This is my last day in Hong Kong.. Alhamdulillah our trip was a blast, except for yesterday. It was supposed to be the climax of our trip when it rained cats and dogs in Disneyland Hong Kong. The place is gorgeous and breathtaking, but we had to cover ourselves with raincoats all the time throughout the day.. So unfortunately for us, we couldn't take any pictures there =( soo sad.

As i write this post, i am resting before performing our Zohor n Asar at Kowloon Mosque. I was genuinely surprised when we first arrived at this mosque on our 1st day here.. The mosque is located at a very prime location; Nathan Road, which is surrounded by prestigious outlet stores like CK, Giordano, G2000 and many more to list. It's a surprise for a Chinese country which has muslims as minority. But the mosque itself is beautiful and well-maintained.

It has 3 floors,the middle one being a madrasah for muslim children. Sure there are a lot of Pakistanis and Indians here, but the imam in charged is a muslim Chinese who has good English and Arabic, compared to those we met in Beijing and Shanghai back in 2007.

We're going back tonight at 8pm. So wish us a safe flight back home ;)

We will miss u Hong Kong, or not! ;p

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Helang terbang tinggi said...

Hu.. i miss my holiday!..but now I am still struggling for my spring semester..well,have a safe jpurney home..(^_^)..do u know whether muslim can eat "kosher" chicken or not?