Apr 20, 2010

My Medical Myths

Orang kata, makin kita belajar, makin banyak yang kita tak tahu.. Tapi banyak juga benda yang selepas kita belajar, barulah tahu, "Ooo, macamni rupenye."

Selama 4 tahun belajar dalam bidang perubatan, banyak juga anjakan paradigma tentang mitos2 perubatan yang saya alami (serious dah lama tak update blog dlm BM.. kekok gila! ayat skema..huhu)

Sori terpaksa sambung dlm BI.. One of the medical myths that i've had for a long time, is regarding the skeletal system.. For almost 20 years, i thought that the skeletal system is responsible our body movements, instead of the muscles! The contractions and relaxations are merely following the skeletal movements. (Funny right?) But can u really blame me? I blame the silly cartoons for this! (kan byk kartun2 hantu tulang berjalan2 tanpa muscles..) hehe

Another one is about our digestive system.. You know how we eat and drink, and all of them ended up inside our stomach.. I have this illusion that the foods and drinks are somehow magically separated into the intestine > feces, and bladder > urine.. After a long time (more than i'm proud of actually), i realized that all fluids must be absorbed into blood circulation before being filtered by the kidneys and then into the urinary bladder.

The last thing (quite recently actually) i thought that contact lenses, if not worn properly, can move to the back of our eyes, hitting the optic nerves causing blindness.. Only a few months ago i realized that it cannot happen, because our eyes are bounded by the conjunctiva anteriorly. So even if the contact lenses moved, the farthest point it can reach is the fornix, not the back of your eye! haha

True what they say, knowledge is the best medicine (^_^)

The fornix of the conjunctiva, labeled 3

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samalah kita. hahahahah!