Jul 14, 2010

Double Ethics?

Being a doctor is hard enough, but being an ethical doctor is another whole story.

Walking on this path, there will surely be lots and lots of crossroads lying in front of us. Too many choices to make. Some even require us to sacrifice our medical ethics to get the job done. Only wise ones would succeed.

The Islamic Code of Medical Ethics in some way different from the conventional ones. It's fundamentally parallel, but sometimes they might contradict each other in some aspects.

So being a MUSLIM DOCTOR requires twice strength as much because we have to hold one to two set of codes; the Islamic and Conventional ones.

Let me leave you with some thoughts.. Say if you're a plastic surgeon, asked by your patient to do a boob job.. If she's muslim it'd be easier to make a choice. But the patient is non muslim. And if you refuse, it'll be bad for your business and reputation as a doctor. So what would you do? Accept, or decline?


Owh by the way, i just got my exam result a few days ago. Alhamdulillah i passed (^_~) Thanks to everybody who prayed for me.. And you know what.. I got maqbul (60% - just enough to pass) for my Islamic Medical Ethics subject. LOL~ Soooo embarrassing.

But in my defense, we didn't have a single lecture on that subject for the whoooooole year. And it's all in ARABIC! And i only opened the book a day before the exam. So maqbul is good la kan? hehe

But please be informed that the result doesn't reflect my medical ethics IN ANY WAY.. Understand? Hahaha

Happy face.. Right after receiving the SMS telling me that i passed (^_~) We were in Sabah at that time. My sister got nervous as hell coz hers hasn't come out yet. But today it did, and alhamdulillah, she passed too (^_^)

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