Jul 21, 2010

Dr. Jerome Groopman M.D

Alhamdulillah, today i got 3 of my favorite author's books; Dr. Jerome Groopman M.D, which are The Measure of Our Days (1997), Second Opinions (2000) and Anatomy of Hope (2004). And now waiting for another one, How Doctors Think (2007) to arrive, to complete the series.

I have sis Dayang Nur Hadziah to thank for being kind enough to purchase the books from Amazon.co.uk and then bring 'em back to Malaysia and then post 'em to JB.

The books are insanely cheap. They cost only (drumroll please).... £0.01 each!! That's like, RM0.05 only! Crazy, i know rite. They are used ones, but still in a (very) good condition. But for each book there's postal charge which is £2.75 which makes the total of £2.76 each. But still. It's super affordable.

That's probably why people in the UK is far more civilized than us. It doesn't cost them a fortune to read books, unlike for us. Similar books in Malaysia cost almost RM200, which is a lot for most people, making them think twice before purchasing books. Subsequently making reading a very expensive habit.

Quoting my friend Bro. Ahmad Naeem,
"How are we to build a civilized and critical thinking society when all the books are extremely expensive, even books that are sold at second rate prices? Reading has become a very pricey hobby/habit. Is that the message they are getting across?"


I recommend all medical students to read this kind of books. Not only they shape your mind to be a well-prepared and better doctor in the future, they are very fun to read too. Leisure and medical related at the same time. I got an epiphany every step of the way.

Also I strongly urge all muslims to specialize in their respective fields FIRST, and then produce SIMILAR books in QUALITY & PUBLICITY. It's very hard to find a well-recognized book written by a muslim nowadays. I dunno why. Sigh~

But the truth is that, people will listen to u better if u have certain level of achievement and credentials. People won't listen to mediocrity. That's why we have to be at the top of our game to be heard; making dakwah a whole lot easier. Agreed?

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