Jul 24, 2010

Video Collection of a Pedophile

Well, i don't usually do a blog post like this one.. But this video is just too cute to not share it!

Oh, i was normal before i watched this.. Now i'm all pedophilic.. (-_-)

Soo.. Watch out kids!

I've considered being a pediatrician.. Or a neonatal surgeon perhaps.. But everything's kinda blurry now.. Let's just see how my pediatric subject goes in my final year.. But i dunno.. I'm kinda not very good with kids ;p huhu

Here's some other videos that i think is soooo cute.. and my threshold for cuteness is very high, if u must know ;p hehe

Charlie bit me, of course.. Almost 213 millions view and counting (^_^)

I'm gonna kick his 'ask' (ass)~ Over 15 millions view and counting~

"I love you too but i don't like you all the time." Almost 50 millions view.

Blood! Not funnyyyy~ (^_~)

Say, "Fire truck." (^_~)

This is a kid interview on marriage. It's actually a compilation of some clips from the TV series - Til' Death.


Well, i'm not the only pedophile after all now, am i? hehehe

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