Jul 2, 2010

Post-exam period

Believe it or not, i sleep more during the exam season.. Post-exam period is just too fun to waste it on sleeping (^_^) That is, of course, til the result comes out (-_-)

Right now i'm making the best out of the several days left before i come back to Malaysia for a three-months vacation.. Currently reading a book called "How Doctors Think" by Jerome Groopman, a MUST-READ book for all medical students. It helps you by guiding you to make a right diagnosis, and also explaining the obstacles that might prevent you to come to a precise diagnosis and how to overcome it.

Plan? Currently i don't have any plans yet for my summer holiday except for a family vacation to Sabah; one of the states that i haven't been to yet, apart from Perlis & Kedah.

Can't wait to bully hug Jojo & Milo again (^_~) Oh yes, they have a fan page now. Don't forget to 'like' it.

First thing i wanna do? Shopping! - i don't shop for clothes here in Egypt. The price is unbelievably ridiculous for a not-so-quality outfit. With the same price i can buy two shirts of a great quality in Malaysia [thrifty much?]

First thing i wanna eat? Roti canai tampal telur. Eh, tak, mee bandung. Eh, nasi carrot. Eh, arrghh~


Although i think that my effort this year is waaay better than the past four years, in med school i'm still anxious waiting for the result to come out. So i reaaaally need your doa so that i don't have to resit any of the subjects, and can pass my exam with multiple colours (Bones S5E16)

Remember, a silent doa is better than a loud one ;)

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