Jul 3, 2010

Münchausen syndrome

Psychiatry is soo much fun. You can practically meet various kinds of people with interesting mental illness. (Ops, sorry if i'm being insensitive) ;p

One of the most interesting ones is Münchausen syndrome. People who have this condition will hop from one hospital to another faking symptoms and illnesses, just so they can seek for medical attention & sympathy. In some advanced cases, they would even go to the extent of hurting & injuring themselves so that they could have a reason to be admitted to a hospital.

Usually this happens as a result of prolonged abuse or abandonment as a child. So when they grew older, they try to compensate what they've lost in their childhood by pulling a stunt like this.

It's treatable by counseling mainly. Only the problem is that, they are sometimes SMARTER than the doctors! They know all the tricks to manipulate and trick the doctors into thinking that they have something of a medical importance.

They would even take some drugs to produce the desirable symptoms, such as Amitriptyline which can produce arrhythmia and turn your urine BLUE! Also Rifampicin that turns your urine RED. How cool is that?

If that doesn't attract the doctor's attention, i dunno what will.

It's not that easy to diagnose, plus the fact that you'll get in much trouble if u misdiagnosed and the patient turns out to be having all the symptoms FOR REAL. Now you're screwed (*_*)

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