Aug 7, 2010

Bad mood kejap~

Harini mood negatif sikit.. Walaupun haritu baru diajar tentang kepentingan berfikiran positif di Seminar Celik Mata dan Jiwa (1/8/2010), tapi disebabkan kalah pertandingan khat harini (and i'm not used to losing~), terpaksalah korang layankan mood negatif aku kalini ye ;p

1) Performing Jumaat prayer at Masjid As-Syakirin KLCC yesterday got me thinking... Is the idea of a fluent english-speaker Imam is soo strange that they couldn't even pick one to conduct the congregational prayer? This stereotype has got to stop. It's like, everyone who is involved in religious field MUST suck in English, whereas those so-called 'liberated' Malay has English as their mother tongue. Does religion somehow makes them incapable of mastering English?

2) Why is it that every surau in a building (shopping mall, office etc.) is HAPAK? Frankly speaking i have never entered a surau that's not hapak. I know lots of water is involved, but is this the message u want to convey to people? That surau is not a surau unless it is hapak?

3) Why is it soo hard to find an internationally-recognized book that is written by a Muslim? Be it in politics, self help, economics, novels, medicine, even a cookbook. Well, with the exception of Islamic books, Stephen Covey, JK Rowling, Kumar & Clark, John Gray... All are names that are world famous, but none of them are Muslim.

4) Why is it that in Msia, Chinese are more hardworking than Muslims when all they have to motivate them is the worldly life, while we Muslims have both; dunia & akhirat?

5) Why is it that Muslim countries or residences are always dirty? Just look at the Arab countries, or even Malaysia. One friend of mine who is now studying in UK even once said to me, "If you want to know whether Muslims or Christians residing in a particular area here in the UK, just look whether it's clean or not.. If it's dirty, then it's definitely a Muslim residency." How embarrassing is that?

In comparison, just ask people who have been in Japan. How clean is their city, or even kampung. Japanese people might just say, "What does Islam have to offer, when our country is cleaner than yours, and our people are more ethical than you people?"


Sorry la ye, dah dekat 2 minggu tak update blog, tiba2 je kena suap dengan negative (rhetorical) questions..huhu

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