Aug 20, 2010

On baby dumping

It's a hot issue nowadays, even in our so-called 'Islamic' country, regrettably speaking. We often resent & condemn the irresponsible mothers for dumping their babies. But comparing them to animals alone doesn't even come close to solving the problem.

Sure they made a mistake by sometimes committing extra-marital sex in the first place. Well, everybody makes mistakes. Only theirs are big ones. Instead of pointing fingers, why don't we offer a solution.

Maybe we could strengthen our foster and child care system. There are thousands of couples who are trying to get pregnant but couldn't, and maybe by improving the adoption system they could actually go and meet the pregnant females who couldn't afford to raise the child all by herself (for any reason) and make an agreement to adopt the child as soon as they are born.

At least, this pregnant females have a place to turn to when they have no other options, instead of dumping their children in a dumpster.

It's not easy for them too, u know. Most of them are desperate, afraid, and under pressure. Don't judge them easily. Especially men. One of my friends said that if men could get pregnant too, the number of dumped child would double in our country. Luckily they just do what they do and get away with it.

If u come to think about it, the reason why these women dumped their babies in the first place is because men are irresponsible enough to abandon them after finding out that their girlfriend is pregnant. If they have some common sense in their little brain, they would find a way to marry her and raise the child together. So my point is, don't blame this totally on women alone.

This is a must-watch video on baby dumping by Ustaz Hasrizal. Wallahua'lam

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