Sep 21, 2010

Melayu = Me-layu??

I just got back from two different car companies yesterday. One was Mutiara Motors Sdn. Bhd. (a large Malay car company in JB) and another one was Sri Kasa Sdn. Bhd. (kedai kereta Cina tepi jalan aje), and i saw a HUGE difference on how they do business.

Not to belittle my own people, but the Malay salesman was kinda unprofessional, unfriendly, cold, 'kerek', and to a little extent, rude. He put very little effort in convincing us to buy the car and talked to us like we're kind of people who can't afford it. It's like, "Alah kalau ko tak beli pun ramai lagi customer lain yang nak beli."

I was a little bit sad when we came to another car company later on, seeing the Chinese salesman who's very polite, friendly, answering to every question we asked, and his effort in convincing us to buy the car (which is in a SUPERB condition, by the way, compared to the one at the Malay's company) was really OBVIOUS.

What makes me even sadder is the fact that Malays ALWAYS play the 'sesama Islam' card to attract muslim customers. Come on lah, change your business attitude and then, and only then, talk about Muslims' obligations!

Not only in car business. You name it. From grocery stores to multi-million businesses, where are we compared to Chinese people?

Not to generalize. But majority of them fits the stereotype. Like at my father's company where there are Malays and Chinese working together. Unnecessary MCs, late attendance, early parting, slow work, unwillingness to learn new things and to do something that's out of their job description... ALL MALAYS! (-_-)

Come to think of it, how did we become like this? We have Islam and the hereafter to boost our motivation to work every day. But still.. sigh~

My dream car, Audi TT.

Oh, the Chinese salesman was kind enuf to let me daydream in this car. Jangan syarikat Melayu, nak sentuh pun dia dah pandang slack. Ugh~

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