Sep 1, 2010

The problem with the so-called talented people

Sometimes when u want to be a winner, u have to start acting like one. But the problem is that people who are trained to be the best sometimes have the tendency to be a little bit.. err.. condescending?

I have lots of experiences with people like this. Especially among calligraphers (penulis khat). Well, if u must know, being in this field is very competitive. Because in order to be recognized, u have to be simply better than any other calligraphers.

I remember when i was in school, i would practice secretly so that this one friend won't see all the tricks and skills, and then imitates it. Kedekut ilmu betul kan! ;p

Once back when i was in Darul Quran, we opened a stall tulis nama atas bookmark, something like that. Then there was this one guy from Yayasan Restu (a foundation which published the Quran Mushaf Malaysia). As he passes our stall, he looked at my khat and went, "Eh, ada salah ni~ hehe"

So i was like, "Oh iye ke. Kat mana salahnye?"

He just smirked. He said nothing and walked away.

So i decided to go to his stall where he did his khat demonstration. Well, a guy who walks around criticizing other people's khat must be really good, rite? But shocker! Bukan nak kata apa, buruk gila ok!~ LOL

Biasanya orang2 yang berlagak ni selalunye takde la power mana pun. Serious. Macam tin kosong (*_*)

I always get the "banyak salah niii" comment, but when i ask kat mana salah, tak jawab pulak.

So what, do they say stuff like that just to annoy people or to show that they are better, or what??

But it's different with humble people. Back in 2003 when i won the national khat competition, my artwork was sooo hideous. I dunno how it got the 1st place. So i consulted this one friend who i respect very much; Ust. Fadil Sulaiman who's an experienced calligrapher in Yayasan Restu.

I asked him where i did wrong. His reply was, "Ish, dah ok la nii. Lawa sangat dah."

Tapi bila paksa2 suruh bagitahu jugak, he just paused and said, "Hmm, cuba cek huruf Saad tu nanti."

I mean, was that the nicest comment ever or what?? He didn't say that it's wrong (although it obviously is). But instead, he did it in the most heartwarming way possible. 'Cuba cek', meaning even he's not sure benda tu salah, but go check just to be sure. <-- and that's coming from one of the top calligraphers in Malaysia.

On another separate occasion when i wrote this khat recently and asked him to comment on it, he merely said, "Come dah, sebenonya susah nak membezakan apatah lagi menulis waw dan mim antara dewani dan dewani jali."

Well, he wanted to say that my waw and mim tu ada salah, but see how he indirectly nsinuated it? Sedap telinga mendengar kan?~

See, orang yang betul2 power ni biasanya humble je. Orang yang tak berapa power ni biasanya yang lebih2. Well, maybe that's their way of compensating their insufficiency. I don't blame them =)

So my point is, no matter how talented u are, practice humbleness. Don't be boastful and act condescending. Believe it or not, people don't like it so much, no matter how talented u are.

It's not ur aptitude that matters in the end. It's ur attitude! (^_~)

Ust Fadil Sulaiman with his artwork. Jaw-dropping, isn't it?

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