Oct 3, 2010

Asian & Caucasian

Alhamdulillah just arrived home yesterday from our family holiday in Phuket. People there are soo nice and polite. Dealing with local people here, i can see now why Kuala Lumpur was once labeled the 3rd rudest city in the world!

Also my paradigm also shifted. I used to think that mat salleh are the most polite people in the world. Maybe God wanted to show me that there are some undiscovered jewels in other places, and what do u know... There it is, just beside Malaysia (^^)

On the contrary, i can see some very rude white people who were there in Phuket.


First when we were on Maya Beach, my sister walk beside a white woman when she heard her saying, "I hate Muslims," then walk away.

Then again on the boat, when our tour guide handed out sliced watermelons to us and said that they are for the monkeys on the beach, an Australian guy said, "Which monkey. That monkey??" pointing at a handicapped Arab who was with us in the boat! Gosh, he kissed his wife/mom with that mouth? Grrr~

Also when i was at the Premium Factory Outlet in Phuket, when i entered the Quicksilver retail shop, again, an Australian guy were looking around and then said to me, "Everything is medium and small size. This is all fucked up!" Well, maybe it's something common to them, but to say that to a total stranger is kinda rude. At least for me.

And before our plane back to Singapore took off, the stewardess asked a Caucasian male behind me to wear his shoes during take off. And he replied disrespectfully, "Are you kidding me??" But not knowing it was a rhetorical question, she replied politely, "No sir, i'm not kidding." (LOL)


But i totally respect the local people there. They did not even once, raised their voice. On the last day when i went shopping, i bargained a T-shirt with the Thai salesgirl. I insisted on 270 Baht (that's RM27 to us). So when i paid 300 Baht she told me that she doesn't have a small change, and asked me is it ok to settle down to 300 Baht.

I said no. I want the 30 Baht (RM3! haha soo kedekut). After a long argument, she just went away to get the small change and then said in a disappointed voice, "Aiyaaa, why you do thiss.. You so handsome.."

Hahaha (^^) That was as rude as she can be!

At Maya Beach, where Leonardo DiCaprio shot his movie Za Bitch (The Beach). hehe

At Premium Factory Outlet in Phuket.

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