Sep 25, 2010


Alhamdulillah, yet another med-series book has arrived yesterday morning --> Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance by Atul Gawande. Thanks to my old friend, Rozaliyana Radzi who got me the book (and also, insisted on not being paid back). It costs £1.90 + £2.75 (delivery). Jzkk ;)

And in exchange, i got her Islam: The Misunderstood Religion by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin. What makes it special is that it's not sold in any bookstores worldwide. I still got a couple of copies with me, that i've been saving only for those who did me HUGE favors like this one (^_~)


Although i'm no longer writing a book, like i did during my first 3 summer holidays, I've enjoyed my summer reading list this time. I thought, instead of wasting my time reading novels or worse, status updates on Facebook, why not spend my time reading books that could shape my mind as a better doctor in the future? Hence the med-related books that are superbly written.

He wrote, "There are 2 types of errors in medical practice; errors of ignorance (mistakes we make because we don't know enough), and errors of ineptitude (mistakes we made because we don’t make proper use of what we know)."

And i think most malpractice in hospitals are because of the latter.
Read my previous post on one of the causes of malpractice in hospitals.

I think the word 'shopaholic' doesn't apply to books. 'Bookaholic' maybe. I may not be able to finish ALL the books during the time allocated. But well, you can buy magazines, comics, and newspapers every day/week/month and NOT even reading them thoroughly, why can't it be educational books? At least the contents won't be outdated like newpapers. At least for yeaaaaars to come ^_^

Here are some of the books that i bought just during 2010 summer holiday. Some are new ones, and some are used =)

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