Dec 13, 2010

Nauseous or Nauseated?

What's the difference between the word 'nauseous' & 'nauseated'? They are often used interchangeably, but they actually differ in meaning.
  • Nauseous = nauseating = causing nausea = memualkan.
  • Nauseated = feeling sick = rasa mabuk / nak muntah.
So, it's incorrect to say, "I'm nauseous," (unless of course, if u really are disgusting. hehe). I'm nauseous = saya memualkan.

Correct usage:
  • I feel nauseated. (Saya rasa mabuk / nak muntah)
  • There's a nauseous/nauseating odor in the room. (Ada bau yang memualkan dalam bilik)
Same goes to "I'm bored." Some Malaysians say "I'm boring" when they actually meant "I'm bored." Unless...


Also, in pronouncing certain words with the letters 'mb' like bombing, plumber, climbing, the correct pronunciation (not pronounciation) is to make the 'b' silent.
  • Bombing = bomming
  • Plumber = plummer
  • Climbing = climing

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