Dec 31, 2010

Rasuk hantu

Although i'm sure most people would disagree to this, but frankly speaking, being a medical person i am, i'm kinda skeptical when it comes to this so-called 'exorcism', or being possessed by a ghost in the first place.

It's true that sometimes the human action & behavior cannot be entirely explained by science, but we have to remember that everything in this world has to be in the course of sunnatullah. Especially when there are still lots of things in the field of neurology & psychiatry that are yet to discover.

I am not an expert yet. So i don't want to comment excessively on this particular subject. But i just want to share some of these thought-provoking points with all of you, and i hope it might help u understand what i'm trying to say.

  • On changing voice, personality.
This can simply be explain by a psychiatric disorder called Multiple personality disorder. People who suffer from this condition have at least two personalities that alternately take control of the individual's behavior, associated with memory loss and voice change. Some might even change gender.

It is triggered by emotional stress, anxiety, paranoia, or sometimes, spontaneously. So it gives the illusion of someone being 'possessed' by 'other person', when it's actually just another personality inside his mind.
  • React to ayat Quran or ustaz as if it is jinn.
This is your mind playing tricks on you. Your mind will create its own game, with its own rules. Especially when it is pre-programmed by social believes.

For example in Msia, we are told since we're little, that jinn/hantu will go away on ayat Kursi or Yasin recitation. So, your mind will follow the rule. Whenever an ustaz recite a Quran, the jinn will scream and then left the host's body.

If it is really jinn, why does it react the same way when the Bible is read? (Christian exorcism) Or any traditional spell? Is jinn afraid of that too?
  • Speaking foreign language.
Two possibilities:

1) The person has watched any foreign movies, or heard any foreign songs, or any people talking in foreign language, then what they perceived is stored in their subconscious mind that is blurted out during his 'episodes'.

2) Or it's just gibberish. Not a real language. But we sometimes think that it's 'Bahasa Siam' because it sounded alike, sedangkan kalau panggil orang Siam pun diorg tak paham apa dia cakap. Most probably due to any injury to the speech center of the brain, leading to what we doctors call 'aphasia'.
  • Contagious. Kalau sorang minah histeria, jap lagi jangkit pulak kat kawan dia.
This might be explained by episodes of panic attack, which can be acquired by watching, or just by being in the same room.

Wikipedia: "People who are "hysterical" often lose self-control due to an overwhelming fear that may be caused by multiple events in one's past..."

Hysteria is defined as 'a state of mind of unmanageable emotional excesses.' It can be hormonal, or psychological. Some psychologists also said that hysteria might be one of the manifestations of unresolved childhood issues or desperate attempt to seek attention.
  • Kena hempap/tindih
Explained mostly by sleep paralysis.

Or by pavor nocturnus, or night terrors, characterized by extreme terror, temporary inability to regain full consciousness, waking abruptly from sleep, accompanied by gasping, moaning, or screaming while waking.

Sometimes it is caused by sleep apnea. Difficulty breathing leads to anxiety, causing our mind to perceive it as 'kena hempap'. People will try to wake themselves up, and some by reciting ayat Kursi, and during that state between dreaming & consciousness, our brain produces scary thoughts or images leading to false illusion of 'hantu hempap'.


I could really use some useful insights on this topic. Maybe from an Islamic point of view. Mungkin berserta kisah zaman Nabi atau sahabat yang pernah dirasuk.

Saya tak berani komen banyak. Saya tak pernah kena. Dan tak berniat nak kena.

Apa2pun, Allah lebih mengetahui. Wallahua'lam =)

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