May 16, 2011

On Crossing Fingers

I'm skeptical when it comes to many things. One of them is conspiracy theories. You know, the ones which give you the idea that behind every inch of our life aspects has a hidden Christian or Jewish or Illuminati's agenda.

But i'm kinda surprised that those people spent a lot of time digging and unraveling the mysteries, but failed to point out things that are sooo obvious such as the expression 'keeping my fingers crossed', which is widely used among Muslims.

Well, some might say that it is just an expression to superstitiously wish for good luck. And some people do it because it looks cool when the actors on TV did it.

But according to Mr. Wiki, Christians believe that crossing one's fingers is to affirm one's faith in Jesus Christ who is said to have died on a cross.

Thus, crossing fingers = = Christians.

Why isn't it obvious? (*_*)

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