Jul 11, 2011

Horse with blinkers

Sometimes we only see what we want to see. Or what we are programmed to see. Neglecting the practice of impartial & unbiased rationalization in the process.

Just like horses wearing blinkers, limiting their wide field of vision, which is supposed to give a clearer and more holistic perception on a certain issue.

It is crucial, especially nowadays when there's nothing as simple as black and white. Too many gray areas.

It is natural that everybody thinks that they're right. That is why it is important to give reasoning in a purely educational way, not in emotional or sarcastic ways.

True, you can gain more support with humor and sarcasm, because people enjoy "Oh-snap!" remarks every now and then. But will that help you to reach your objective? Or will that just worsen the situation?

If you really value the truth over winning an argument, you will put aside all grudge and resentments and focus on achieving a final and acceptable conclusion.

Because let's admit it. We can pretend like we're discussing like civilized people, but deep inside there's this hatred we're all trying to hide, but leaks sometimes. Let alone discussions that are full with intense hostility. Of course it will yield undesirable outcomes.

Choose our words wisely, as not to offend other people unintentionally. Before saying or writing anything, take 5 seconds or so to think, will my words offend anybody in any way?

Fix your mindset. Learn the correct method of thinking, rather than spending a huge amount of time on things or issues that are temporary in nature.

It's like spending a lot of time sawing a tree with a blunt saw, when you can just take some time sharpening it first. Quoting Abraham Lincoln, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe."

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