Aug 4, 2011

Good VS Evil

The battle between good and evil is an ongoing process, whether we realize it or not.

Unless we tame it with taqwa, the human soul is certainly prone to evil. And with Satan's persuasion, wrongdoings are made easy. But with continuous soul purification, it will willingly bow to Allah's command.

When we feel gratified doing good things or uneasy when doing bad things, it indicates that we still have a healthy soul.

But when maksiat has no effect on you, then beware of Allah's wrath, as it is a clear indication that you are dead inside.

Although guidance is purely Allah's right to give it to whom He pleases, we as His slaves must persistently ask for it. And the effort towards change is mandatory; for Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts.

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