May 16, 2012

Keberkatan masa [English]

Some people can get many things done in just one hour. For others, even a whole day seems like a very short period of time to complete a simple task.

This, of course, has something to do with 'keberkatan masa'.

Sometimes when we feel swamped and overwhelmed with lots of things to do in a very limited time, it is only logical to ask the owner of time Himself to make it easy and smooth for us to complete them one by one.

After all, He is the One who plans and determines every single details of our life schedule.

Also remember to recheck our relationship with Allah. Did we pray on time or did we wait til the last minute? Out of 24 hours, how much time did we spend to remember Him? Did we focus more on the worldly affairs or the hereafter?

If we can't make time for Allah, why should Allah give time to us?


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