Mar 18, 2010


It's been a long time since the last time i updated this blog.. Well i guess u would say tht i'm not really in the mood right now. Usually my mood for writing comes during the exam period.. I know, weird right? But i dunno why do i always feel the strong urgency to update it when i'm clearly supposed to be studying hard ;p i guess that's my way of releasing the stress..

As i write this post, i'm actually in a boring lecture of Community Medicine.. The lecturer won't speak even a word of English.. So i thought i'd try updating blog via my iPhone.. Owh don't worry, the doctor won't notice, bcoz rite now he's busy smoking while giving the lecture! (i know rite?!)

Tonight's gonna be my 1st class of Tasmi' al-Quran with sanad in Sayyidah Zainab.. Kinda late for a person who's been here for more than 4 years, don't u think? But instead of wasting my time, i thought i'd give it a try =)


Tobibah Ainy said...

oooo..maen henpon..

report cikgu yeay!! ^_^

norfarhana said...

cool isn't it when a doctor can actually smoke while giving a lecture? in front of his very own students. isk3