Mar 21, 2010

Medical Check Up

Gambar typical friendster/facebook bdk2 medic selain gmbr dgn tulang, lab coat, stethoscope & mayat~ hehe


Alhamdulillah, yesterday's medical check up at Rumah KL went well.. Thanks for the ikhwah team members, Puden, Amir, Saif, Haziq, Apez and a couple of names i couldn't remember..

As for now, medical check up is under the supervision of Biro Sukan dan Aktiviti Luar, and i was appointed as the team manager.. Sure some might say that it's a time-consuming activity, but i'd say that it's a very good opportunity to practice your medical and communication skills while u're still a medical student with total lack of patients to practice them on. So from where i see it, it's a win-win situation (^_^)

Besides, it's the least i could do for not being labeled as one of those who knows how to comment on PERUBATAN but does nothing to contribute~ (*_*)

This Medical Check Up unit is now recruiting new members who are willing to sacrifice some of their time to give something in return to the community. We offer check ups for blood pressure, blood glucose level, and also BMI, apart from medical consultation and small exhibition.

Those who want to volunteer to join the team can simply e-mail your name, university & year, and mobile number to

You'll be informed personally when there's invitation to do medical check up from any societies here around Cairo. And remember, if you help others, Allah will surely help you. And i know this from experience ;)

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