May 29, 2010

Smoking & Impotence

This is a picture of a cigarette box sold in Egypt. Please don't ask me how did it get into my possession, coz my mom doesn't know i smoke yet ;p

Kidding. This is actually one of my friend's that i confiscated last month. [Ceh, macam pengawas zaman sekolah dulu poyo2 main rampas2 kan?]

Written outside it, "At-tadkhin lifatrah towilah yuassar 'ala al-'alaqah az-zaujiyyah", meaning "prolonged smoking can lead to impotence". Although there are lots of other complications of smoking, i think this is the last resort the government could come up with to scare the shit out of the smokers in order to get them to stop smoking.

At first, i didn't notice the reason why the cigarette is posed crooked like that. Shouldn't it be like, straight? But after thinking for quite some time, i went like, "oooOooooo", followed by a burst of laugh [i hope u got that too] ;p

Its true, though. Smoking can cause impotence. Most probably by causing atherosclerosis of the penile blood vessels. Also the nicotine causes the venous chamber to dilate which is normally constricted to trap the venous blood inside it to maintain male erection. Click here to know more.

So watch out ok, guys!

Some might argue, "Alah, ni saje je ni nak takut2kan.. Bapak aku kuat je merokok. Tapi steady je anak dua belas~"

If u hear comments like this, tell them that there's an immense difference between impotence and infertility. Sure u can still supply the 'dough' to the 'oven' to make a 'bread', but will the 'baking process' still be as fun as it used to be?

It's ironic though, when people said that smoking is a sign of masculinity, when in the end they are the ones who won't be having the most masculine sign of all intact. So sad. (-_-)


NB: It's funny how British people call cigarettes 'fags', which is an offensive term for 'gays' for Americans ;p

NB: What a coincidence! 31st May 2010 is WHO's World No Tobacco Day (^_~)

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