Jun 12, 2010

World Cup 2010

I grew up knowing nothing about football. The only thing i know is that Americans call it soccer instead, because their version of football is totally different. I don't know whether it's a turn off as a guy or not, but i never watched a single football match in my life, ever!

But lately, i'm astonished at how everyone keeps boycotting Israeli products, joining demonstrations against Israel, posting links on Gaza updates, sharing YouTube videos, judging and labeling people who drink at Starbucks, even deactivating their Facebook accounts!

But one question.. What about the World Cup? Are you telling me that Israel does not have any investments whatsoever in that multi-billion business?

Yet millions of people still supporting it.

It's somehow OK when they make an exception for World Cup, bcoz they say that it is 'inevitable'.. But how is that different from those who make an exception for Timberland products? Or Nokia? Or Starbucks? Or Mark & Spencer? But yet these people are seen as those who 'don't care' about Muslim issue; but not the World Cup fanatics..

That's why i'm not very fond of the way people are boycotting nowadays.. So full of hypocrisy and insincerity..

Not to mention that there was a drastic change of status updates in Facebook & Twitter; being full of Flotilla issue a week ago, to a massive comments on the World Cup this week.

" RT: @aliaaa13: goodbye Gaza, the world is occupied with World Cup now, you'll be forgotten. You're just the flavour of the week anyway. "

Oh, and since Muslims are soo fond of conspiracy theories, do you know that World Cup is one of the hidden agendas of the World's Mamak Movements to enrich their restaurants? ;p


p/s: Oh, i have a Twitter account now.. Those who are not in my FB friend list can follow me on Twitter, coz i don't accept FB friend requests from those i don't know personally, unless of course, they are extremely good looking! ;p Not sombong, but u know.. privacy issues and stuffs..


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

lnyap mcm tu je isu gaza. isu judi. pastu isu gaza. skrg psl world cup je.... hurmph

imakubex said...

Disagreed on Israel and the World Cup, or even Starbucks. We do things based on emotions and not rationale.

With a few exceptions, it is actually very difficult to find companies that openly express support to Israel. The only way to be sure is to look at their balance sheet at the end of the year. I think you can get their financial reports for a fee - will need to check that.

And besides, Muslims are so engrossed with demonstrations and boycotting that we forget to lobby. Not 70 years ago, there is a limit to the number of Jews in high education institutions in America.

So yeah.