Jun 15, 2010

Worldly Life

You see newborn babies grasping their hands, it's because they are eager to grab everything in the world; not knowing what they are actually facing..

But old men die opening their fists; letting go all their worldly possessions, knowing that they can't bring anything to the afterlife..

If the world was worth even the amount of a mosquito's wing according to Allah, He would not let the disbelievers have even a sip of water. But it is of no value in the eyes of God.

So don't be all sad and depressed if we can't have all the worldly possessions like the disbelievers do, because we are promised sooo much better than that; an eternal life in the paradise and also the ridha of Allah.

But that doesn't mean we have to stop putting effort in living this world, because the Prophet also said, "If you know that the day of Judgment is tomorrow and there are seeds on your palm, sow it."

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