Jun 17, 2010

Circumcision & STDs

When asked why male circumcision is made compulsory for every Muslims in Islam, everybody could answer it splendidly, like the answer is already at the tips of their fingers.

One of the most famous answer is that, circumcision prevents oneself from getting STDs, among other things such as personal hygiene and so on.

But as far as Muslims are concerned, why should they be worried about the chances of getting STDs when Islam already prohibited adultery? So it's simple, if you don't have sex, the chances of getting it is ZERO.

You're not saying that Islam made male circumcision compulsory 'just in case' someone commits extramarital sex and gets STDs now, are you?

And say, hypothetically, if you're really unfortunate to get a legally married spouse who already has STD, getting circumcised won't do you any good in this case. You're still gonna get the STD if safety measures aren't taken against it.

Then this stereotypical answer is made worse when they are some studies conducted proving that circumcision only provides partial protection from HIV and should never replace known methods of HIV prevention. Same also said that there is 'insufficient evidence that male circumcision protects against HIV infection or other STDs'. [link]

Not to mention that circumcision actually reduces men's sexual pleasure, because the foreskin of the penis has thousands of fine touch receptors and other highly erogenous nerve endings—many of which are lost to circumcision, with an inevitable reduction in sexual sensation experienced by circumcised males.

And as far as personal hygiene is concerned, thorough washing of the skin after urination is proven sufficient to prevent oneself from getting urethritis.

This isn't the worst part yet. They say that when it comes to the body parts, Islam is very strict in prohibiting any actions which is seen as 'changing the creation of Allah'. And this includes nose jobs, boob jobs, facial reconstructive surgery, even colouring your hair!

But now here it is, the foreskin is cut off as one of the major practices in Islam.

And they say, if God wanted it gone, He wouldn't have created it in the first place!

So, what would you say now if you were asked, "Why is it compulsory to get circumcised in Islam?" when it is actually demeaning and degrading to human race, especially men?


A must watch video regarding circumcision.

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