Jun 20, 2010

Islam Allows Stalking*

Shocking, but true. Some scholars even said that it is mustahab, or sunat in Malay.

But *terms & conditions applied:

1) From a distance.

2) Restricted to a woman's face and hands.

3) After a strong decision to marry her, not just for fun.

4) Without her knowing, because if she knew, she'd act all differently from what she actually is, also she'd be disappointed if suddenly the guy didn't come to propose to her bcoz then she'll know that there's something wrong with her.

5) And before proposing, of course.


So technically, this is called stalking in layman terms (^_^) Only this one's allowed in Islam.

There was a man in the Prophet's time who wanted to marry a woman from Ansar. So the Prophet asked him, "Have you taken a look at her?" "Not yet," he answered. "Go now and take a look at her," prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h said.

The Prophet also said, "The best woman for you is the one who when u see her, you're happy." Doesn't have to be beautiful or stunning or angel-like, because you know, beauty is subjective.

And owh, this also applies to a woman when she decided to marry a guy too. So start stalking now mafrens! (^_~)

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