Jun 21, 2010

Privacy issues?

Sometimes i feel a bit frustrated when it's soo hard to find a person in my friend list nowadays.. Sad, because the reason why i migrated to Facebook in the 1st place was because, unlike Friendster, people use their real names there..

The same reason why i use my real name for my e-mail address, because apparently i'm not ashamed of my own name, no matter how weird it might sound to some people sometimes.. Effy.. heh!~

Plus, i think nicknames are too childish.. Imagine this scenario, when you already became a well-established person in the future.. a doctor.. a laywer.. or a businessman even.. Then a VVIP came to you and asked for your e-mail address.. You reluctantly answer, "Err, it's effedz_86@yahoo.com"

Sounds intelligent, u think?

(Owh, that's my childhood e-mail address by the way) ;p


I also find it amusing when people, without thinking, put their relationship status as "in an open relationship". Do they even know what it actually means?

Well, it's used when a certain couple agreed to let each other have intimate relationships with other people at the same time, be it outside or inside a marriage. Now think again, do you really fall into that category?


And lastly, i know some might disagree on this one.. But in my opinion, some things are better left off limits, no matter how two persons love each other.. Like e-mail passwords and social network accounts.. I know you trust each other.. I also know that some might say, "I don't have anything to hide, so what's the problem?"

But would you two walk around the house naked after marriage, simply because technically, u "don't have anything to hide"? No? Why still hide it then?

Yes, boundaries.


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